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When a former cop turned private investigator is accused of murder, she turns to one of the best criminal defense law firms in the city for help. A firm run by her former fiancé and his well-connected, domineering father. They agree to help, but with one caveat… that she reimburse them by going to work as the firm’s investigator. She assumes the “forced servitude” is their way of dragging her back into her ex’s life. But as the case (and Season 1) unfold, motivations become less clear, and relationships more complicated. A procedural with a season-long arc.

Fat City


Pilot Script + Additional Episode Script Available

The professional and personal lives of a multi-agency team comprised of FBI, DEA, ATF and Las Vegas Police are intertwined as the team pursues fugitive felons in Las Vegas.  This team doesn’t solve crimes, or even investigate… they apprehend criminals already charged who have fled to Las Vegas either to disappear or to have one last fling.  The real-life team has arrested more than 1,000 felony fugitives in a single year. And their personal lives are often even more compelling than the criminals they catch.