Where The Treetops Glisten

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     Where The Treetops Glisten is a story of suspense, terror and individual heroism. The story is tonally in the vein of classic thrillers Silence of the Lambs, The Shining, and more recently Prisoners. The story of an ordinary young woman suddenly thrust into a seemingly hopeless struggle against a dangerous and deviant psychopathic child abductor - a monster we know only as The Whistler.

     Set on Christmas Eve, the story is told from the point of view of Alison, a young lawyer/mother who, as the story opens, is trying to resolve a court case so she can join her husband, their six year-old daughter and her parents to celebrate the holiday at a remote cabin. When a cantankerous judge causes her case to run late, Alison decides to take the back route short cut on a desolate mountain highway.

     It's a road she's traveled dozens of times over the years, but none of those trips have prepared her for the journey she will embark on this dark night. A chance encounter with The Whistler and Grace, a 12 year-old girl he claims is his daughter, will force Alison to decide just how much she is willing to risk to save the life of the young stranger.

     The story is built around the suspense elements of a ticking clock, a dark night, and a deserted highway combined with the horror of a human monster who will do anything to keep his Christmas "prize" - Grace, and kill the threatening prey - Alison.

     An everyday person overcoming incredible odds and her own fear. 

Fifty Shades of Greed

A True Story

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     When four women first banded together to form The Writer’s Coffee Shop publishing house, little did they know they would publish one of the most successful book series in history: Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker, and Fifty Shades Freed. Although they never formalized a written partnership agreement, the four operated The Writer’s Coffee Shop as a partnership, but that lack of a written agreement was a portent of things to come. After selling publishing rights to the Fifty Shades trilogy to Random House, one of them claimed no partnership ever existed and made off with more than $40,000,000 in royalties from the sale.
     It was against this backdrop that Jennifer Pedroza retained attorney Mike Farris to file a lawsuit in Fort Worth, Texas, to establish that The Writers Coffee Shop had been, and still was, a partnership; that she was a still-existing partner in that partnership; and that she was entitled to her share of partnership profits.  
     Fifty Shades of Black and White provides an insider’s look at the sordid story of the rise and fall of The Writer’s Coffee Shop, as well as a study of the litigation it spawned. Mike Farris explains how the case developed and proceeded in the courtroom while Jennifer Pedroza tells her personal story of how she was victimized by someone she thought was a friend. In the end, this is a cautionary tale of what happens when money comes between comrades and of the importance of “getting it in writing.” It is an illustration of why greed is one of the seven deadly sins.

Prior Life

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     A troubled young reporter blackmails a psychiatrist into using regression therapy in an attempt to overcome a fear and phobia that has haunted her since she was a child. When she reacts far more aggressively under hypnosis than either anticipated, Samantha becomes convinced she has lived a very recent past life. A life that holds the key to her happiness in the present. She travels from Seattle to the small towns and swamps of Louisiana convinced that she must solve her own murder in the prior life.