During his 30-year career Samples has built  a unique left brain/right brain resume, seamlessly segueing between the executive suite and scripted production multiple times.

He has worked with, and for, some of the largest entertainment companies in the world; and twice founded start-up companies that were acquired by larger entities.


He was Executive VP of Domestic Televisions Distribution at Warner Bros.; and has directed more than 125 episodes of network television. 

He has produced more than a dozen theatrically released feature films; and consulted for some of the most well-know names in entertainment regarding the distribution and valuation of intellectual property rights.

He has been involved first-hand with more than $3.5 billion in worldwide scripted entertainment sales; and served as an expert witness in major litigation.

He has hired and supervised a staff of more than 150 employees; and worked as an independent consultant with a staff of the nearest Staples.

As a producer, he won an Independent Spirit Award for Best Picture (Election); and as a director, he has twice been DGC nominated for comedy.